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The New Zealand Property Podcast

A weekly show where we interview industry experts about all aspects of the New Zealand property market and investing.

We talk to successful investors, advisors, renovators, market commentators, publishers, suppliers, property managers and more. Check it out and don't forget to leave feedback so we can make the show even better!

May 14, 2020

Mark speaks with Campbell Venning about why he sees Christchurch as one of the best places in New Zealand to invest in right now.

Campbell and Mark also discuss how new builds in some areas of Christchurch are the way of the future and are probably the cheapest you will ever see them again in the country.

With many years of property investment and ‘new build’ experience around the country, Campbell has a wealth of knowledge to share.

If you’re wondering “Where do I invest now?”, take a listen to this podcast!



If you are wondering, where do I invest now? Take a listen to this.